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2 Projects using Mixed Media Products from IndigoBlu

Have you seen Whimzees' new IndigoBlu display of mixed media products, stamps, stencils, and the excellent IndigoBlu magazine kit?  It is FULL of exciting, new products that are all the rage in Europe.  And, now in stock at Whimzees Scrapbook Studio!  

I've spent more than a couple of hours binge watching Kay's tutorials on the IndigoBlu YouTube channel - happily playing with all the new products!  I'm excited to share my experience with you. This is the first post in a series on IndigoBlu products. Be sure to follow along!

After my binge-watching sessions, I decided to start my deep dive into IndigoBlu mixed media by trying out the "Super Thick Slap It On" gel.  It works as a paste in stencils, as a sealant for collaging, a mixative with paints, glitters, powders, and more.  It dries clear and is very easy to work with.

 Slap it On and Luscious Powders

I mixed in my favorite colors of Luscious Powders as I was excited to try them too!  These powders are FULL of color and sparkle.  I used a sizable amount of powder and you can't even tell I used any when you look in the jar!

Luscious powders mixed with Slap It On gel 

I used the stencil from the magazine kit for a background on the cards and had plenty of the Slap it On and powder mixture leftover to use for a journal page (previously coated with the IndigoBlu Black Gee-Sso Good).  

Then I used the Mega-Flake with Flitter Glu and the Daisies stencil.  You guys, this product is SOOO cool!  I followed Kay's advice and emptied the Mega-Flake into the box that it came with.  For those of us who craft in the living room or prefer not to get shiny, messy products all over, the box method makes all the difference.  (Stay tuned for the next post in the series all about Mega-Flake!  It worked perfectly with my scrapbooking page!)

Mega Flake with Flitter Glu and Daisies Stencil on black and white cardstock

And, of course, because I was trying to use ALL the things, I had to add some of the metallic acrylic paints.  I used the Dandelion Mini stamp with embossing powder, and finished the cards off with a wash of Lemon Sherbert Luscious Powder mixed with water.  In retrospect, I should've done the Lemon Sherbert wash first.  While it did create a very pretty effect by pooling around the stenciling, it also washed out the Mega-Flake a little bit - despite wiping some off with a microfiber towel. Finally, I added a sentiment using the stamps from the magazine kit.

While I am very happy with both cards, I have to say my favorite of the two cards is the one on white cardstock.  I think the colors are more vibrant and distinct.

Completed Cards using IndigoBlu mixed media products

And here is the journal page that began as an afterthought for the leftover product:

Journal page on black paper using IndigoBlu mixed media products

 That was when I really started exploring the magazine kit.  The kits are produced once a quarter.  They include a magazine jam-packed with tutorials and project ideas, patterned paper, a stencil, a HUGE stamp set, and metal dies.  I think this box full of goodies is a smokin' deal at $20!  

 Stay tuned to the blog to find out how I used these materials along with the Mega-Flake on a scrapbooking page...(Spoiler alert: It was EASY. And it worked better than I had hoped!)