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Indigoblu MegaFlake - a MUST HAVE papercrafting supply!

Welcome back to our series on IndigoBlu and their exciting products!  If you missed last month's introductory post, you can read it HERE.  This month we are taking a closer look at Magazine Kit #3 and Mega-Flakes - the product you absolutely HAVE to try! Yes, even our "anti-glitter mess" crafters should keep reading.  :-)

 IndigoBlu MegaFlake in Chariot of Fire - gold

 As I mentioned in last month's post, I think this kit is an amazing deal at only $20!  The magazine alone has a TON of tutorials and ideas in it.  The stamp set is full of sentiments and floral and butterfly images in a wide variety of sizes. The die set is a combination of a word, outlines for a couple of the stamped images, and stand alone dies.  The stencil is great for backgrounds and accents.  The paper is very pretty, comes in a variety of patterns and colors  and is versatile for all types of papercrafting.  And all of the products coordinate with each other - for easy product creation.  You can watch IndigoBlu's designer and creater Kay's video where she shows everything in the kit and does a tutorial HERE.  We have a couple of kits left in the store and have already ordered the next kit!

I chose the green butterfly paper, offset it slightly on a 12x12 piece of white, textured cardstock.  Then used the stencil with Pink Gin acrylic paint (metallic and sooo pretty!) to add some detail and interest to the edge.

green butterfly paper slightly offset on 12x12 white textured cardstock  background stencil with Pink Gin acrylic paint

Then it was magic time!  I couldn't wait to try out the Mega-Flake kit.  It comes with everything you need to get started using the Mega-Flake including the all important box!  Before beginning, I followed another tip from Kay and dumped the Mega-Flake into the box the kit comes in.  For all my anti-mess friends, this is the KEY to using Mega-Flake with minimal mess.  It was seriously a revelation for me!

Next, start with a small square of Phat Foam - about 2 inches or so - and a dime-sized amount of FlitterGlu. Spread the FlitterGlu on the white side of the foam using the included palette knife. 

Then dab the Phat Foam covered in FlitterGlu onto your stamp just like it was an ink pad.  And stamp the image onto the paper.

nickel sized amount of FlitterGlu on Phat Foam  Use FlitterGlu on Phat Foam like an ink pad to dab onto stamp

FlitterGlu is made to stay tacky so you don't have to worry about your image drying before you are able to apply the Mega-Flake.  However, I do recommend washing your stamp with soap and water or stamp cleaner sooner rather than later.  Kay recommends hand sanitizer to clean the FlitterGlu from the stamps if you don't have a cleaner but I didn't have much luck with the one stamp I let sit for too long.  I had to scrub it a couple of times.  (It's possible my hand sanitizer was too wimpy. What does that say about it's germ killing abilities?? Hmmm..)

scratch off excess Mega-Flake with Scoochy Foam Mega-Flake image after excess removed with Scoochy Foam

Next comes the glamour of the Mega-Flake.  Lay the sheets of foil onto your stamped image and rub it into the FlitterGlu.  Then, use the Scoochy foam to scratch off the excess Mega-Flake.  Be sure to do this OVER THE BOX to avoid mess.  (Note: I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of static cling. The small amount I got on my desk was easily brushed back into the box).

I was not overly gentle when I scratched off the excess on my page and the image came out beautifully - even on the textured surface of the cardstock!  I absolutely LOVE the elegance the Mega-Flake added.  And I cannot believe how much detail it picks up from the stamps! Soooo pretty!

 I added a couple more butterflies by repeating the process. Then stamped sentiments and a couple of flowers using the magazine kit stamp set.  I also embossed one of the sentiments to test out the level of detail in the stamp. It came out very nicely.  :-)

stamped images on the page embossing powder and WOW embossing pad

Then, I used the Pink Gin acrylic paint to create a background for matting my photograph.  Why the Pink Gin? Because it is the exact shade of my daughter's hair. ;-)  I finished off by adding the photo to the page and used the Pink Gin to color the stamped flower images. 

Pink Gin acrylic paint for creating a matte for photo

I am really happy with the results and still can't believe how well the Mega-Flake worked!  I had enough of the FlitterGlu leftover on the Phat Foam to do a couple other projects.  I used it on the "leftovers" journal page in last month's post as well as a page in my watercolor notebook which I'll include in next month's post on Luscious Powders! 

completed scrapbook layout using Mega-Flake from IndigoBlu

Thank you for following along on our deep dive into IndigoBlu's awesome Mixed Media products!  Please come back next month for my exploration of their Luscious Powders. 

In the meantime, you can get your own Mega-Flake kit at Whimzees Scrapbook Studio!  We also have a variety of other colors in addition to the gold.  And, don't worry, more empty boxes are on the way so we can all keep our craft rooms tidy and our papercrafting projects glamorous! Want to watch a video of the Mega-Flake in action? Check out Kay's video HERE.

If you try out any of the products in our blog series, please let us know what you think! Share your projects by tagging us on social media and don't forget to post them in Whimzees Place to Share! We love seeing what you create! 

Note: If you are an out of town Whimzees crafter, remember, even if a product is not listed on the website yet, you can call us at 503-259-9130 and order it directly. If we have it in stock, we will ship it to you!